Electric cars have gone from science fiction to fact in just a few short years, with consumer models becoming more readily available, and prices slowly inching down. There are many benefits in choosing these vehicles, not just for consumers but also for the planet. Of course, electric cars are not without concerns, in particular just how electricity bills will be impacted through their ownership. Some people suggest that owning an electric car means a guaranteed spike in your energy bills… and for once those people are actually right.

Electric Cars And Your Energy Bills

At the end of the day, electric cars are just appliances. That means they’re no different to a heater or refrigerator but on a much larger, more energy-reliant scale. So, like all appliances electric cars consume energy, and because most people want to be able to charge their cars at home, and that means increased electricity bills. If you think your consumption is high now on your energy bills, just imagine how much it will spike when you’re also charging something like a car. A regular Kiwi family currently consumes 20-30KW of power/day and spends more than $200/month on power. For every electric car used on a day to day basis, New Zealanders can expect to use an additional 15kw/day and pay 50% more on their energy bill. For a family with two cars this could mean doubling their energy bill to over $400! While electric cars are definitely better for the environment, they do have an impact on your electricity bills. This is why we need to change the way we think, not about cars, but about our energy.

When it comes to electricity bills, New Zealanders have been slowly moving away from those traditional, non-renewable resources and into renewables. There are lots of reasons for this, and decreased energy bills are just one of the many positives of the switch. In the future, New Zealand hopes to be 100% run on renewables, but there’s no need to wait for that if you want to save on your energy bills right now, or you’ve recently invested in an electric car. In fact, for those with electric cars or anyone who wants to save money and feel good about their lessened impact on the environment, it’s solar energy New Zealand needs.

Solar Energy Is The Way To Go

Of all our energy sources, solar energy is among the most environmentally-friendly and low-impact. Unlike some other sources, solar energy has no enormous complex set-ups and no ‘eye-sore’ equipment. What it does have is the ability to reduce your electricity bills, which is exactly what you need if you need a cost-effective way to charge electric cars. With traditional energy sources, using electric cars means living with outlandish energy bills, but with solar energy you’re getting the most cost-effective power, and ultimately the potential for lower electricity bills. It’s no surprise that so many people believe it’s solar energy New Zealand needs, because it really does make a difference.

Most Cost Effective Solar Energy New Zealand Wide

In the world of solar energy New Zealand customers are at a distinct advantage. Our country is well provisioned with the providers of solar energy New Zealand needs to have good choice and competition, including those who stand out for their solar energy like Supercharged NZ. Unlike other solar energy companies, Supercharged NZ offers seriously low cost solar energy with no massive upfront costs. They have a unique approach to the solar energy New Zealand needs, and customers don’t pay for equipment, design or installation. However, they do get the best quality solar energy New Zealand wide at the most competitive prices, making Supercharged NZ a must explore for anyone looking for solar energy that is going to change how they look at their energy bills. We live in a new age of electricity, so don’t be stuck paying excessive electricity bills anymore. Whether you’re planning to get into electric cars, or just save on your energy bills, check out Supercharged NZ today.

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