At Supercharged Energy, our $0 upfront cost and continued savings over time mean that anyone can do their part to help harness the power of the sun and save the planet.

We’re committed to beating dirty energy rates from the very beginning, meaning there isn’t anything to stop you making the change today to the best solar panels NZ has to offer.

Supercharged Energy’s green energy plan is designed to ensure you only pay for the power you use, meaning that with our solar NZ residents don’t have to change their current habits. The green energy plan means our customers still only pay for the power they need, and they’re doing so with a clean conscience, and nothing goes to waste.

When it comes to solar NZ should be — and can be — leading the pack globally. By combining government initiatives in the solar industry and our affordable and cost effective technologies in solar NZ citizens could set the global standard for environmental awareness and focus on renewables. Choosing to have solar panels installed by Supercharged Energy is a great way to ensure your household and your country are keeping up with the green movement and ready for the future, whatever it brings.