Climate change and the resulting global warming are a growing threat to every global citizen. The dangerous levels of carbon dioxide and other detrimental gasses in the atmosphere today stem

mostly from human use of the planet and its non-renewable resources. For many years we’ve used non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels to keep the lights on and power our lives. It has always been the easiest, cheapest choice for generating electricity. For those of us who don’t have the financial freedom to look beyond the most economical choice, this has historically been a big inhibitor to going green. But, lucky for the planet, all of that is changing rapidly in New Zealand. With innovative solar panels NZ is looking toward a new future of clean air and cheap, inexhaustible electricity from the sun.

Research is always uncovering new, better ways to generate electricity from nature’s renewable resources. With advancements in geothermal and hydropower, we’re exploring methods of keeping the lights on that won’t take a toll on the planet. But the method of electricity generation that is proving both effective and most accessible to everyone living in NZ is solar power. It’s becoming more affordable and more achievable for every household, and is set to become a staple of electricity supply in the coming years. It’s not only environmentally responsible, but a sound economic choice. In fact, with certain solar panels NZ residents can actually save money while they power their homes with a clean conscience.

With these new, more affordable technologies emerging in solar energy NZ is truly able to envision a world without the old, damaging forms of energy generation that is within reach. Solar power is a totally sustainable, completely renewable resource, and advancements in solar technology means it’s becoming cheaper and easier than ever to go green. In fact, going green with the market leader in solar New Zealand wide will save you money now and in the long term.