New Zealand is changing, but whether it’s for better or for worse isn’t always clear, particularly when it comes to politics. The new government looks to be positive in some respects, but there are those who have raised concerns about the possibility that energy bills are on the rise. The current state of NZ’s electricity, and the undeniable trend of increased energy bills have many New Zealanders worried for the future, but should they be?

Energy Bills and Electricity In NZ

There’s little doubt that the cost of electricity is on the rise across the world, and New Zealand customers are already seeing it in their energy bills. The average New Zealand energy bill has increased for a number of reasons, from rising electricity spot prices to increased use in extreme more weather events. Most of us have experienced the horrible feeling of opening an energy bill and seeing an outrageous electricity price increase, and wishing it was a mistake. Sadly, this is rarely the case and more and more households are under strain trying to pay these exorbitant energy bills.

The Government and Electricity

With the change in government, there were those in the community hoping for reprieve from excessive electricity costs and energy bills. Jacinda Ardern’s time in power has been short, but she has already set into motion changes that will have a marked impact on the way electricity is produced and sold in New Zealand. Most apparent of these is the government’s pledge towards being a 100% renewable energy producer by 2050. The effect that this will have may seem minimal, with New Zealand already producing around 85% of its electricity from renewable energy sources, but it’s important to note that it can make a difference to New Zealanders at all levels, from commercial to industrial. The Government’s pledge is to increase taxes on coal power plants (such as the Huntley Power Station) will hike energy prices and heighten financial stress for working families.

Save Money And Make An Electricity Switch

People tend to be loyalists, but in the world of electricity it doesn’t make much sense to stay with the same company if you aren’t happy with your higher energy bills. In fact, studies have suggested that cutting your energy bill is less about the electricity use, and more about the provider. New Zealanders who switch providers can save on average $175 per household each year, a considerable amount to save on household electricity. If you’re thinking about swapping your electricity provider, it makes sense to investigate renewable energy, and in particular solar energy. The solar energy market in New Zealand is already well established, and the government’s renewable energy pledge has strengthened this position even more. For consumers, there really has never been a better time to switch and choose solar energy, or at least renewable energy, to lessen your energy bill and better your country. Of course, switching isn’t always that easy. First, consumers need to find a solar energy provider offering a good price on renewable energy, without installation costs for solar energy that make any savings on your energy bill negligible. It is an unfortunate reality that many providers of solar energy don’t make it that easy for households to embrace renewable energy in their homes. Just the cost of setting up your solar energy system can be brutal to families on a budget, which is enough to make them turn away from renewable energy all together.

That’s why it’s good news that Supercharged NZ is here with another option that helps customers get started with solar energy, and make their home or business a renewable energy powerhouse. Their unique plans mean customers do not pay for equipment, design or installation, but still have the benefits of fantastic solar energy from the most renewable energy source there is: the sun.

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