Free Solar Panels and Solar Power? Supercharged Energy Does That!

These days, everyone is looking for cheap power, particularly in areas of New Zealand where high power prices are putting enormous stress on everyday budgets. The bad news is that trends show the price of power is going up, although folks in Northland already know this to be true. The good news is, not every power company is following the trend. There are those out there offering not just cheap power, but solar options for people wanting to save money and do something good for the planet.

That power company is Supercharged Energy. They offer top quality cheap power from renewable sources, and for a limited time only they’re also offering the best deal on solar power NZ has ever seen – they are giving panels away for free! Supercharged Energy wants to make cheap power better for the planet by bringing solar to the people, and that starts with their Free Solar Giveaway!

Solar Panels NZ Free Deal

Free Equipment, Free Installation

Supercharged Energy’s Free Solar Giveaway allows customers, who might never have been able to enjoy the benefits of solar, to get that renewable power without facing the financial challenges of installation or equipment. When you sign up with Supercharged Energy for your electricity, you can gain access not only to free equipment in the form of solar panels, but also free installation of those panels on the roof of your home.

There’s no hidden installation or equipment costs here, just solid solar power NZ residents are going to love. On the Free Solar Plan, all the solar power NZ customers generate is available to them for free. Any additional power that is drawn from the grid comes at a great cheap power rate. And from a power company that actually cares about the future of solar in New Zealand.

Get Cheap Power Today

Many New Zealanders are struggling with the costs of rising power prices, and it’s more important than ever to find a power company offering cheap power plans to their customers. Supercharged Energy is all about cheap power, particularly for those living in Northland who are balancing their budget books up against some of the highest power rates in the country. Supplying power to areas like Northland is a challenge, which is why it makes sense to carve away savings wherever you can. Choosing solar – and claiming it while it’s free – is a great way to accomplish this.

With solar power NZ customers are getting savings straight away because all the solar power NZ customers get from their own panels is free. Obviously, not all power can be supplied by panels, which is why Supercharged Energy also offers a great cheap power rate on additional power that you draw from the grid. In most cases, the Free Solar Plan will allow Supercharged Energy customers to access power that is cheaper on average than what they currently pay, plus they get the advantage of free solar from their own panels. All this is available to those who choose to sign up for Supercharged Energy’s retail electricity contracts. Just sign up here and we will take care of the rest.

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Great solar-exclusive energy rates available for residents of Whangarei and Kaipara. Many more areas available…
Why Wait To Save?

There’s more than one power company out there in NZ, but there aren’t any companies offering this kind of deal on solar. When you sign up to a retail electricity contract with Supercharged Energy you’re getting free solar panels, free solar installation, access to free power from those panels, and on average cheaper rates for grid power. If you’re struggling to find a power company you can afford, or you’re interesting in exploring the solar power NZ customers are loving, check out Supercharged Energy and claim access to free solar panels today.

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