This could make saving on your energy bill with solar power a reality from day one, instead of year ten. Make the shift to clean, green power saving today.

Solar Installation Zero Upfront

Just so you know, these Terms and Conditions apply to all our solar panel installations. The Energy Saver Plan is an exclusive deal for approved applications only.

How you could save money from day one!

This is the most important tip we have: you need to save more than you pay for your solar system. Traditionally, you'd pay up front for your solar system, so it would take five to ten years to finally save more than you spent at the beginning. In fact with Supercharged's new cash pricing it's closer to a five year return on investment, and because all our panels come with a 25-year power warranty* the savings are just beginning. That's great and all, but requires you to have a big lump of cash sitting in a bank account that you can spend on solar. For people who don't have that spare cash lying around, a solar system can feel like a pipe dream. Well, not anymore...

Paying Cash: you need a big lump of cash to pay for your system up front. It'll take five years or so to see a return.

Paying Monthly: no need for a big lump of cash. Monthly payments mean you could use your cash for a holiday.

People are breaking down that barrier to entry into the power-saving world of solar. How? They do it by paying for their system in regular monthly payments (and with Supercharged there's not even a deposit upfront on Rental Plans only). In the past, solar has been so expensive that you'd still expect to be paying more for energy and your solar than you were for just energy. But as we slide into 2020, solar systems are getting more common and the prices are lower than they've ever been. If you get the balance right, it's now possible to save more on your power bill each month than you pay for your new solar system. You could save more than you pay - right from day one. Of course, individual and usage performance may be variable and alter depending on circumstances of electricity use.


The Right Price - What is it, and how do you know you've got it?

What is the right price? It's the point at which the monthly payments for your system cost less than the amount you expect to be saving on your power bill. Expect to save $300 per month on your power bill? Then all you need is a monthly payment of $299 or less and you could be saving money from day one. We've put an example together to illustrate how awesome finding this point can be. Just remember this is a fictional example, and real-world results can vary:


The example average monthly power bill saving from a solar system.


The example monthly payment towards a solar system.


The average monthly power saving from the solar system. $390 - $350 = $40

In the above fictional example, the solar system saves a customer $390 on their monthly power bill, and costs them $350 a month to have on their roof. That means that the average monthly amount saved is $40. The customer doesn't need to wait upwards of five years to see a saving from their new solar system. It's happening month-on-month from the minute the system is up and running. Remember: you've got to be happy that the price is right yourself, based on your own calculations and estimated bill savings.

What's The Catch?

The catch is simple: paying for a solar system in monthly payments with no money upfront costs a little more than paying for the whole thing with cash. But we believe that this is a fair price to pay for making solar savings available from day one. This way, so many more people can realise savings from solar technology than just those lucky ones with enough cash sitting in a bank account. Either way, all our installations come with the 25-year installation warranty*.

Sound fair to you?

Terms and Conditions apply. Individual results may vary. Weather factor to be taken into consideration of performance. Potential savings to be on analysis of your electricity bill at point of sale. All duty of care is taken to ensure that the system provided meets your needs, and each customer has the right for independent solar advice before making any decision.

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  1. ned April 18, 2020 Reply

    what guarrantee does one get if you fold within 25 yrs

    • Richard May 12, 2020 Reply

      Hi Ned, thanks for the message. The panel power is guaranteed by the manufacturer, not Supercharged. That’s the reason why we use Tier 1 solar panels. Tier 1 manufacturers have been rated highly for their financial position, along with company experience, manufacturing scale, performance, and service and support. I hope that helps!

  2. Tom gledhill July 8, 2020 Reply

    What area do you cover. I am on the West Coast of the South Island.

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