Being informed about your costs and bills, whether you’re a household or a business, is a key part of keeping afloat these days. Everyone wants to keep their lights on, so it isn’t surprising that energy, and particularly sourcing cheap energy, is a primary concern for New Zealanders. What might surprise you is that your address could be the cause of your expensive power bills, particularly for Northland residents. Yes, when it comes to energy, people in Northlandare getting the short end of the stick with current energy supply costs, and their energy bills are some of the highest in the country.

Northland Residents – Why Do They Pay More ForEnergy?

The energy equation is actually pretty simple. Like most economic models there’s supply and demand, and generally the supply costs are passed along to the consumer, because they’re demanding the service. Energy is of particular interest because consumers don’t always have the option to choose cheap energy. In some locations like Northland, there’s a limited number of providers, all drawing off the same network that results in expensive power bills.

In the case of Northland those expensive power bills are even higher than normal because of one simple thing: supply. Only a small amount of Northland’s energy is generated in that area, the rest is drawn from other sources, like the South Island hydro facilities. The further the energy travels, the more lines are involved in the process, the higher the cost of that energy. It really is that simple. Add into that the fact that where energy supply isn’t high, like Northland, there tends to be more monopolies and less competition to encourage cheap energy prices, and you have a money pit that Northland residents can’t help but fall into.

The good news is, there are still solutions available to those folks in Northland wanting to ditch their expensive power for cheap energy. It starts with taking things into your own hands.

Take Control Of Your Energy With Supercharged NZ

Supercharged NZ offers Northland residents a chance to leave behind the stress of expensive power bills and get the cheap energy that the rest of New Zealand already enjoys through renewable solar power. They are passionate about bringing cheap energy to the people, no matter where it is in New Zealand you happen to call home. The situation in Northland only benefits the monopoly of power companies, who are capitalising on a lack of competition by gouging their customers through expensive power bills. Now, Northland residents can flick the switch on their energy concerns, and get cheap energy that is also good for the planet.

No doubt this sounds like a deal that is too good to be true, but those in Northland have nothing to lose by trying out Supercharged NZ. That’s right, your energy system will save you money from day 1 when you choose Supercharged’s green energy plan! Clearly, this is a solid cheap energy solution that benefits anyone in Northland who has ever dealt with the bill shock of an expensive power bill. Not only that it’s good for the planet, and embraces the rising trend of utilising renewable energy over harmful alternatives. So, for cheap energy that also makes an investment into the future of New Zealand, Northland residents know to go to Supercharged.