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Can Solar Be Cheaper Than Normal Power?

The secret to saving money with solar, all revealed in this handy little guide! At Supercharged, we hate paying power companies for the power we use in our homes and businesses. We believe it’s wasted money. Why give our hard-earned cash to huge money-grabbing power companies when we could be paying it towards a solar […]


Looking For Low Cost Solar Batteries?

Low-cost solar batteries are well sought-after by our customers. They help make solar systems more effective by storing power generated during the day and discharging it when the sun goes down. But if a battery costs too much, it’ll never save you enough to cover the cost of buying and installing it. That’s been the […]

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How Can Solar Panels Save You Money?

The benefits of solar with no payment upfront? Supercharged Energy does that! FIND OUT WHAT YOU COULD SAVE These days, everyone is looking for cheap power, particularly in areas of New Zealand where high power prices are putting enormous stress on everyday budgets. The bad news is that trends suggest the price of power is […]